Fallen Friends

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Gone from our homes, but never from our hearts

Goodbye, dear friends.  It is our greatest hope to see you again someday. Please wait patiently for us at the Bridge and know that the tears we shed for you now are a tribute to the love you so freely shared with us for so long.

Keisha, Rich's "SibeAskan HuskAmute", loving companion and faithful friend. She made her journey to the Bridge on May 27, 2009 after 12 years of joyful devotion to Rich. Sadly, I only knew her for a year, but the experience made our lives together so much sweeter.

AM/INT'L CH BK's America's Most Wanted CGC TT TDI    "Justice" was special from the moment he was born. Ready, willing and eager to do whatever was asked, withthe kindest of hearts in the most able of forms.  Justice was lost to hemangisarcoma just weeks before his sixth birthday. He rests now in a beautful vineyard in Oregon and will always be close to my heart. 

CH Phntm Hollw Sign of Obsess'n- "Addict". my bear-of-little-brain, my funny face, my silly big guy.  Addict developed severe complications from Valley Fever and with very heavy hearts and tearful eyes, was helped to the Bridge on August 3, 2010.  His legacy lives on in his wonderful kids- show and assistance dogs. Thank you to everyone who was there with us in that room to say goodbye, even if you were thousands of miles away.

 Rosie came to us from BEAR rescue in NJ. AS a senior, she was going to be exceptionally hard to place and no fosters were available either. We had a space in our hearts- and on the porch!- for this old girl. The wonderful volunteers of this group arranged a ride from 'Joisey to our little mountainside farm and Rosie fit right in! 
Our time with her was limited, but full of love.

Brooklyn 10/30/2003-01/19/2014


Every day with Brooklyn was amazing. From her special sign language way of communicating to the way she said thank you" for every meal, drink and treat every offered, Brook was unique.  Her bright personality and gentle heart won over countless people to the breed over the years. An outstanding ambassador who treated everyone as a friend.

There will never, ever be another like you beautiful. You were the best of them all.  We love you.

We are volunteers for several Akita rescue groups and our hearts are strongly bound to the seniors. Betsy came out of a kill shelter in North Carolina, and despite being great with kids, cats, other dogs and just an overall sweetheart, no placement seemed to be on the horizon for her. So we made her part of the family!   Dear Betsy as we always called her, was "ten or so" when she came to stay with us.   She left us just days shy of her two year freedom ride anniversary.   Dear Betsy will be missed more than we can say.  We are so happy to have ben able to give her somewhere to retire. Help us in this mission- please consider adopting a senior!!!!