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Whether you are a season exhibitor, breeder or new friend to the breed, you'll find just about everything you need from the following links!  Know of a site, product or service we should list here? Just ask! 

Akita Sites

Akita Planet Magazine


Quarterly publication, eletronic delivery!   Not just for the hsow enthusiast, Akita Planet covers all aspects from halth and wellness, to national events, to service and working dogs and everything in between. 

Loads of information and the pedigree database is outstanding- you can even create pedigrees for proposed breedings!

Best breed information site on the web! Loads of resources, and home of the Network List, an online discussion forum.

These  products are used exclusively on all BK dogs and we can't recommend them highly enough! Got n issue with sensitive skin, allergies or other issues? Try the tea Tree Oil shampoo.  The brightener works like a charm, especially on all whites.  Give it a shot!

I'd say this product is heads n tails above the competition, but the truth is they don't have any competition! STAX RITE is an innovative, stable and affordable way to train your show pups.  Magnets? Ha, they don't need no silly magnets! I could stand on this thing and it would still be solid as a rock! Forget trying to get a nervous puppy onto a wobbly platform, stack with confidence!

Additional Information and Products We Endorse

Inflight's blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals make this THE natural coat enhancing product.  At Black Knight, we refuse to take dangerous shortcuts to promote coat growth, like hormone replacements or chemicals.  Proper grooming, good nutrition and INFLIGHT brings out the best in our dogs and our clients!

BK tested and approved!  Only available through your veterinarian or a breeder referral- you can use our referral code to order at half the cost of your vet. 1-800-474-7044  order code #38399

Visit Sojourner Farms, and learn more about their fresh foods program for dogs and cats, and how you can make all-natural, homemade pet food in minutes.