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Welcome to the online home of Black Knight American Akitas and Bernese Mountain Dogs! We're glad you found us. Come in, sit, stay and enjoy your visit!

In this site, you'll find information about our dogs, our philosophy and even how to find a new family member.  If you're at a show, come up and say hello!

Please remember to look up our BLACKLIST page to find information on kennels/people who may want to avoid. Updated as new information reaches us and is verified.  Yeah- it's a PITA to deal with, you don't see other breeders doing this (they're scared) and I take a lot of harassment for it but we're absolutely committed here to the protection of our breed and the protection of your family.  


SO, you want a puppy? Please source only from responsible, ethical breeders.  Don't be decieved by irresponsible producers in it for the cash- check the DogFacts!  At a minimum, your puppy's parents should have hip and eye clearances. Ask for the sire and dam's AKC registration numbers so you can verify test results at Get your money's worth by insisting on the GOLD STANDARD- a CHIC certification number. CHIC means the parents have passed all recommended health tests for their breed  as recommended by the parent breed club. For Akitas, this includes thyroid and elbows.   If you're going to buy, buy from the best! If generations worth of health certifications don't matter to you, please consider adopting from a rescue instead. 

If you've found our site as a result of a slander site with a similar name, we extend our apologies. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may be- it's not a picnic for us either, but doing the right thing is seldom easy


We encourage you to seek out rescue groups and Akitas and Berners in need of rehoming before considering a puppy purchase- but we understand adoption is not for everyone. Please remember that local shelters and organizations need your help to continue their good work. Donate your time, your money and your skills to them.  Groups such as the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States are NOT your local shelter and do not support them in any way- in fact, they typically CHARGE in the tens of thousands to 'evaluate' shelter procedures.  When they do make grants, it is often not for food, supplies or medical care- it's for the creation and distribution of pro vegan propaganda to school children.

A fantastic new group has been founded to help connect the public with hands on care facilities on need of help- please visit The Humane Society For Shelter Pets at a real animals first charity!   Donate, volunteer, adopt!

Want to learn more about us? Visit my new page at

Akita rescue groups save hundreds of lives a year through adoptions, foster homes, behavioral counseling, public education and other tireless efforts for the sake of akitas in need.   Helping rescue is easier than you think.

Various rescues accept gifts of supplies, equipment, food, medicines and toys as well as cash donations- even gently used items are welcome.  Foster homes are always needed. If you think you may be able to help in any way, please let us know! And don't forget to mention the joys of a "quality pre-owned Akita" to your friends!

Adopting an akita and live within an hour of us? Ask for FREE training assistance, our gift to you for saving a life.  This free service is also available to those considering surrending their akita due to behavioral issues- let us show you how to keep your furry friend!

RIAR :  Rakki Inu Akita Rescue, VA Beach

ARMAC:  Akita Rescue Mid Atlantic, Washington DC  

BEAR: Big East Akita Rescue

ARWNY: Akitas Rescue Western New York (and addt'l locations)  


See our new Rescue Row page with photos of new friends available through trusted rescue groups! Also watch this page for info on our latest foster dgs from our partners in rescue

Want to feature an Adoptable on our page? just send the info to and we'll post it up. space for an adoptable Akita is always FREE! 

live outside our area and considering adopting a shelter dog? here's more great sites to try- and with links to shelters and rescues across the country!


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