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Kelleyz Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo @ BK

It's easy to see how this little girl got her name.  She charms everyone she meets with her sweet personality and confident attitude!  Richard describes her as "cute wrapped in darling", I would add "smothered in adorable".   Charm is our first Bernese Mountain Dog. We've been considering a second breeed for a while and the list was short. I love big, sturdy dogs with full coats, but we wanted something that would be able to coexist well with the Akitas. Our short list included Leonbergers (we were THIS close Agi!) Samoyeds (I know I disappointed a whole crew of you- I still love you guys!!) and Tibetan Mastiffs but in the end, it was the disposition and overall joy of the Bernese breed that captured our hearts.


We haven't stopped smiling and laughing since she set her large yet dainty feet into the house.  We're grateful to our friend Barbara Copeland for bringing this little bit of magic into our lives. Thank you!


DOB: Nov 2, 2011

OFA:  BMD18456G24F-VPI


CERF: Pending


DNA Profile: V22797 



Sire and Dam: Indianlands Strum'N Classic at Kelleyz (Fender) and Kelleys Cinderella's Perfect Fit (Slipper)

Charm was originally acquired to show and potentially breed for the future. Unfortunately it was determined through DNA check that her reported sire was incorrect; her true sire, though registered, has no health clearances to his name and never has. Under the circumstances, we're unwilling to enter into a genetic gamble and after receiving no reasonable response back from her primary co-breeder, have retired Charm and had her spayed. "Her Grace" remains our darling "Duchesss of Dork", comic relief to our more serious Akitas and a bringing of daily smiles.

"O hai!  i putting the gud in ur morning!"

will work for cookies!   4 months

12 weeks

Brief Description