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Choose the RIGHT puppy, not the RIGHT NOW puppy! We can help- scroll down to see pups, rehomes and retired champions available from trusted friends.

We don't breed just to produce- our breeding plans are reserved for when we have something specific and well planned in mind. Anyone can bring a litter into the world, not everyone can be a responsible Breeder.  We take pride in our achievements and are willing to wait to make the best choices for the breed's welfare.   Beware producers who claim "champions in the pedigree" but always have an excuse why they don't show their own sires and dams.  If having titles is important, why aren't they out there putting in the effort themselves?  How can they sell you a "show quality" puppy when they don't bother to participate in shows at all?  And a guarantee isn't worth the paper its printed on when they don't demonstrate performance, or complete any necessary health certificates on their own animals.  Would you trust a car warranty on a vehicle built with scavenged parts?  INSIST on quality, or please consider adopting from a rescue!


Can't wait for a BK baby? May we refer you to our friends at other reputable kennels or to a rescue group?


 We don't breed our dogs often at Black Knight. May we suggest a rescue dog? See our Home page for links to local groups.   Need more? Try the Akita Club of America's rescue reference site at  http://www.akitaclub.org/rescue/resgroups.html   www.adoptapet.com and www.petfinder.org  may also have network shelters with akitas. Please give them a chance!

You can also look on our breeder referral page for reputable folks ready to help you find your next best friend! Please be sure to RESEARCH your breeder- ask about affiliations with local and parent breed clubs, references from prior placements and other breeders, and status with registries. This includes independently verifying health certifications by checking www.offa.org using the dog's AKC registration numbers! Yes, some people lie and hope you won't look! Caveat Emptor.Yell  Just SHOW ME THE DOGFAX!  If you're buying a purebred insist on WELL bred, with a minimum of hip and eye certifications, thyroid, elbows amd patella clearances are a bonus. 

Occasionally we hear about puppies available from other Breeders- drop us a line and ask! We are more than happy to help, free of charge. The health and temperament of your next best friend should superceed all other concerns- please don't be misled by flash and glitter (so they've got a lot of champions- how did they achieve it? not all wins are created the same!) or a high price tag, it doesn't always equal quality- learn what to look for, what to avoid, what questions to ask and how to be sure you are not being subjected to a lot of smoke and mirrors.  We're in this for the welfare of the BREED and are ready, willing, and able to help you make an informed decision.  Since it probably won't be one of ours (I told you, we don't breed often here!) we have no financial motive in providing this assistance; you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Stud Service Requirements:

Flynn is available at stud- bitches must be either major pointed, finished Champions or working girls with no disqualifications or major structural faults and an acceptable pedigree, min of 2 years of age, OFA Good or Excellent (we *may consider Fair with appropriate supporting documentation) or Penn Hip equivalent, clear CERF or ACVO exam within past 12 months and normal thyroid. Photos required, video preferred. To preserve breed integrity, we will not provide stud service to any bitch with a Japanese import  in the prior four generations of her pedigree. No exceptions.   Frozen available.

As always, we reserve space on this page to showcase breeder rehomes- did you know conscientious breeders take back their dogs if necessary? Death, divorce, foreclosures- the world is a difficult place sometimes for a dog. These wonderful, caring breeders then look for new homes for the dogs instead of burdening a public shelter with the animals. We're pleased to be able to assist them in this responsibility.

If you have a dog you'd like to feature here, please email us at blackknightakitas@gmail.com with the details. It's free :) Knick knack paddywack, give a dog a HOME! :)

Current foster dog: Archer, young male from Rakki Inu Akita Rescue

 Current reputable breeders with litters on the ground or planned. These are breeders we know and trust, who perform all necessary health certifications and will be there for you for life! 

Full Moon Akitas,  Chris and Desirae Georgiana, Pennsylvania

Mimar Akitas in northeast Ohio has a gorgeous group of babies on the ground. Ask for Mary! And if they're spoken for, she's a fabulous resource for referrals. 


Showkayce Akitas in Washington state has the cutest little ones right now, a fabulous breeding with Sondaisa. 


As always, all kennels we list conduct all applicable health certifications and actively show demonstrating their commitment to improving the breed.



Cades Akitas in Indiana is fostering a litter for Midwest Akita Rescue Society! Contact Angie at Cadesakitas@yahoo.com for more information.