"Sound In Body & Spirit!"

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Welcome to Black Knight, where the focus is on quality over quantity. I breed American Akitas for mental and physical soundness. I value the depth of love and care in a prospective owner more than their ability or willingness to show. My dogs are loyal guardians and an extension of the family. And I expect nothing less from those who become a branch of that family.

Akitas are a lifetime commitment; the best friend you'll ever have, the warmest heart you'll ever know. That's what you'll find here.

My akitas don't always show in conformation events- as a working breed, I have had/do have akitas in different spotlights. My working dogs are highly valued and beloved members of the team, protecting life and property with a willing spirit. I work with each dog's individual strengths to determine what they will do well (conformation, obedience, tracking, protection) before committing to a course of action with that dog. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? Every second.

We offer occasional puppies and retired adults, stud service, and accept behavior and socialization clients for intensive training work (we do continue to offer these services free of charge in the community to prevent shelter/rescue surrenders and help make adoption placements more successful)


Black Knight Akitas and Bernese Mountain Dogs are proud members in good standing of the New River Valley Kennel Club, an all breed club serving southwest Virginia. Please join us on Mondays for handling classes, and at our show at the Mountain Valley Cluster in Salem VA this August!


Ten Things I Learned From My Akitas

1) the ones who love you are the only ones that matter, everyone else can talk to the tail
2) might doesn't always make right; do it smarter to do it better
3) if you are gonna growl you better be prepared to back it up
4) let the little dogs sweat the small stuff, we were bred for bigger game
5) teamwork gets the job done, nobody wins alone
6) a place for everyone and everyone in their place
7) its ok to be be joyful, its ok to be mad, just be honest about it
8) simple pleasures mean the most
9) when in doubt, watch and wait quietly, a solution will present itself
10) you have to give love to get love


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